BreakWaters Early Access OUT NOW!: Island Hopping Survival

Breakwaters is a new survival game for PC and Console, available in both singleplayer and cooperative multiplayer. It is currently in its Early Access phase, so for the moment it only offers a small part of its total content. From now on, regular updates will be released with new features and improvements that will bring us closer to the final version of Breakwaters.


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Name Breakwaters World
Current Status Early Access
Version v0.2.21
Date 10th December

What are you going to find in Breakwaters?

As we have already mentioned, the game is still in its early stages of development. However, there are already several elements that we can find in the game that will remain throughout the entire Breakwaters experience:

  • Giant Titans of different types inhabit the world of Breakwaters. They all have their own special ability (such as the laser beam we’ve seen from one of them). It seems that defeating these titans will be one of the main tasks of the game’s main storyline.
  • Ultra-detailed physics for water, which forms an essential part of the game, as we can reposition the water at will using different in-game objects. In addition, it seems that the waters of these worlds hide secrets to be revealed.
  • Procedural world, as in Minecraft, which will be randomly generated every time we start a new game in the game.
  • The game’s procedural world system, as in Minecraft, will be randomly generated every time we start a new game in the game.
  • The item system is similar to what can be found in Valheim and other survival games of the style. We will have different branches of objects, which may be more powerful as we advance in the game.

As in any other survival, in Breakwaters we will have to collect and manage resources with which to feed and survive, in addition to being able to build more complex objects that serve us for specific functions.

Official BreakWaters Game Trailers (Videos)

Along with the release of the Early Access phase, we have been able to enjoy a new trailer that compiles much of the content that can already be enjoyed in the game. For those who have followed the evolution of the game, you will be familiar with some of the fragments, as they were used for a previous trailer a few months ago:

As you can see, the graphics of the game have a simple but colorful style, somewhat reminiscent of Fortnite’s design style in some aspects. In this trailer you can see different confirmed elements that are already included inside the game:

  • The totems that move the water away from the place where they are placed.
  • One of the titans of BreakWaters (which we had already seen in previous trailers, as its beam is one of the most spectacular of the game currently).
  • The new ship/plane that will help us face this giant titan.
  • Some more titans, medium and small, that don’t seem so dangerous.
  • New building and farming systems.
  • New water physics, which interact with the constructions we make.
  • Different weapons, such as the bow or axe.
  • Grenades that add water or remove water from a place.

These are just some of all the surprises that Breakwaters will bring us as it develops its Early Access phase. For now we can only enjoy the current version and make the most of it to discover all its secrets before anyone else.