Beginners Guide Breakwaters – Getting Started & How to Play + Tips

Starting a new game in Breakwaters is similar to that of any other random generation survival game. You will find yourself in an open world full of elements to interact with, which will allow you to acquire different items to feed yourself or acquire new options.

Tips and Beginner’s Guide + Tips – Breakwaters

Although in this guide we can’t explain everything you need to know about the game, we can give you some very useful tips that will save you time when starting your game. Finding out all this information on your own might be more fun, but not everyone has the time (or enjoys it).


10 Tips, Hints and Useful Data to start a game in Breakwaters

  1. Our character has specific stats for Life, Food, Hydration, Speed and Endurance, which can be improved by gaining experience in the game.
  2. There are two main branches of “research” to gain experience: homesteading (building different items) and adventuring (exploring, completing quests, defeating enemies), which will give you the possibility to increase your stats little by little (you have the 5 options listed in the previous point).
  3. You will have to be careful with your stats of hunger and hydration, because if you do not stay well fed and hydrated you will begin to lose life and die. To do this you can ingest different foods such as coconut (hydration) or berries (hunger). You can consult the complete list of foods to find out which are the best options.
  4. Some of the items in the game are only available after leaving the first island area, so if you want to progress in the game you will need to take a ship when the story prompts you to do so.
  5. There are some items, such as the seagrass, which are used for almost any item in the game today, so we recommend you take and save everything you find to save time.
  6. At the beginning of the game, you will quickly realize how frustrating it is to have so few slots to save items. To solve this problem and be able to accumulate many more items at once, you’ll need to craft a backpack on the Builder’s Bench.
  7. Although it may seem absurd to face as many enemies as possible, the truth is that this is highly recommended, as it will allow us to acquire items and experience in the Adventuring branch, which will allow us to improve our stats.
  8. Once you reach the island where you are first dropped off by the merchant you call on the coast, you can begin to consider finding a place to settle and create your first base.
  9. It is essential to have a Hammock as soon as possible, as sleeping will restore your life quickly. In addition, having a well-equipped base will allow you to improve your chances in the game. For example, having a Picnic table will allow you the option to sit on it and acquire more stats for the food you eat.
  10. Once you have equipped yourself properly using the different weapons and equipment offered by the game, you should be encouraged to create a Boat Yard, with which to craft your first boat.

From here, the real Brreakwaters adventure begins. As the game is updated