All Boats & Upgrades in Breakwaters – Complete List & Guide

Boats are the main means of transportation in Breakwaters, since you can find sea anywhere on the map. To access the construction of one of these ships, you must first create a Boat Deck. Once you have created one and placed it in the water, you will be able to see all the available options for crafting.

Currently we only have one of the 4 classes that will be available in the final version of the game. The Explorer Class grants us access to two similar ships (Explorer and Chaser), the second one being better in terms of overall stats. The other 3 classes (Vindicator Class, Titan Class and Special Class) will contain quite interesting surprises, such as a ship that flies among other things.

All Breakwaters Ships – Complete List

In this table we will be adding each of the available ships along with their stats and the items needed to craft them. Remember that it is necessary to use a Boat Deck to be able to access the option to create boats:

Explorer 24 pine wood plank + 18 seagrass + 6 tree sap + 16 nails 1 Contraption Slot

70 Max Speed

30 Turning Speed

4 Max Weight

Chaser 24 pine wood plank + 12 steel metal + 6 tree sap + 16 nails 2 Contraption Slot

70 Max Speed

30 Turning Speed

6 Max Weight

Accessories and Gadgets for boats at Breakwaters

Each boat has a specific capacity to install certain accessories and gadgets on it. These are all those currently available:

All ship weapons in Breakwaters and ammunition

Ballista 4 palm log + 4 iron ore + 3 tree sap Table
Cannon 4 bamboo + 10 unobtainium + 10 seagrass + 10 pine log Table
Ballista Shot 1 steel metal Ammo for Ballista
Cannon Ball Steel Metal + 3 tree sap + 2 fire flower Ammo for Cannon

Equipment and usability

Boat Crate 5 seagrass + 10 tree branch Adds storage capacity to the boat (8 storage slots + 1 weight)
Grabber Arm 4 pine log + 5 iron ore + 2 tree sap + 1 yellow crystal Catch treasures hidden in the seabed
Yellow Crystal Boat Motor 10 pine wood plank + 6 bamboo + 2 blue crystal + 1 large yellow crystal Adds speed to the boat in exchange for yellow crystals as fuel
Boat Sail 25 seagrass + 5 pine log + 5 iron ore Serves to replace a broken sail
Boat Repair Kit 2 kelp + 2 pine log + 1 tree sap +25 health for the boat
Boat Armor 6 bamboo + 2 iron ore + 4 tree sap Adds strength to the boat

Remember that the game is still in its early stages of development, so almost any element of the current game could change going forward.