All Breakwaters Equipment – Complete List & Tips

As in any other survival game, in Breakwaters you’ll be able to use equipment to improve your character’s stats. In this article you’ll be able to review all the equipment available in the most recent Breakwaters update, with what you’ll need to craft it.

Equipment Breakwaters

What you should know about Breakwaters equipment?

Here are the most important details to keep in mind about Breakwaters equipment when you start playing:

  • While some of the items can be craftable from the start on the Builder’s Bench, others will require you to get some item before unlocking the ability to access them.
  • Most of the equipment is paramount to advancing faster in the game. Without going any further, the backpack is almost essential to be able to start collecting resources without having space problems (or at least not so many).

Complete list of equipment in Breakwaters

Leaf Hat 10 seagrass No
Spider Silk Hat 2 seagrass + 4 spider silk Leaf Hat
Bone Armor 20 seagrass + 10 bones + 2 coconut No
Bamboo Armor 30 seagrass + 15 bamboo + 2 coconut Bone Armor
Iron Armor 60 seagrass + 15 iron ore + 1 unobtainium Bamboo Armor
Net Bag 15 seagrass + 4 sticks No
Cloth Bag 60 seagrass + 20 sticks + 3 harden shells Net bag
Backpack 40 seagrass + 18 sticks + 12 unobtainium + 1 net bag Cloth Bag
Leather Shoes 4 seagrass + 2 spider silk + one blue crystal No
Spider Silk Shoes 4 seagrass + 2 spider silk No

As the game is updated, more available equipment will be added, which we will reocpile in this list.