The 3 titans of Breakwaters: Information & Wiki

Currently we know a total of 3 different titans within Breakwaters, of which for now we do not have too much information. As far as we know, killing these titans will provide great rewards, much greater than what we can find if we stay on a safe island in the game.

Breakwaters Titans

The 3 different titans we know of as of today are as follows:

  • Titan Tortuga: is the one we have already seen in the different trailers, which has as a special ability a laser beam that devastates everything in its path. This Titan displaces all the water around him, besides having a lot of resistance. It is the only one we have been able to see so far in detail.
  • Snake Titan: A titan that will swim through the depths, bringing with it different meteorological hazards. We will have to dodge the dangerous storms it generates in order to defeat it without problems.
  • Crab Titan: is another of the titans that we have not yet been able to see, which seems to destroy everything in its path, and comes out of the sea to the islands randomly. There are no images of this Titan in action, so we can’t draw any conclusions yet.

We will add more information about the Titans of Breakwaters when it is confirmed with a trailer or confirmed update.